The story of Gotiteta

Gotiteta was born out of my love for motherhood and breastfeeding. I have the illusion of uniting the values and passions that flourish with motherhood.

Taking care of yourself, giving your best to your baby, feeling good in your body and having the possibility to go and do what you want to do, come anywhere, breastfeeding or not.

Because breastfeeding is the most natural thing there is, it is normal to breastfeed wherever you are. So that a woman always feels able to breastfeed in a restaurant, on the street, in a shop or at home. So that she never feels uncomfortable if she breastfeeds her child in public places, because breastfeeding simply has no time or place..

At Gotiteta we believe that each drop countsWe believe in conscious parenting.

Camiseta de lactancia materna para amamantar en cualquier sitio

We are a family, we are friends, we are parents, and we are above all passionate about the maternity.

With two daughters, I experienced two diametrically opposed breastfeeding journeys.

In the first one, I was far away from my family and friends, on the other side of the planet, and I did not have enough information. As a result, I accumulated many "mistakes" that caused me to stop breastfeeding very quickly.

So, for the second one, I wanted a long and simple breastfeeding, no questions asked, no bottle feeding, breast pump, dummy, nothing like that. And we did it, just trusting in ourselves, our instinct and capacity.

And that's how I created this clothing line, I still want to continue breastfeeding my daughter who is over 2 and a half years old and I want to be able to breastfeed anywhere, while carrying my baby in a baby carrier or foulard, while I'm on a terrace having a drink and, above all, to be able to wear my jeans and trainers with a breastfeeding t-shirt that looks like a "normal" t-shirt.

the existing breastfeeding clothes solutions were not enough for me.
There are great things out there, but there was always "something missing"
. The "standard" tops in winter or when I wasn't feeling too good about myself prevented me from fully enjoying breastfeeding, I didn't feel like pulling them up all the way.
I also didn't want to wear a tank top underneath all the time, I only feel good with one layer of clothing.
For the same reason, "crossover" style maternity tops or two-layer tops didn't fit me.
Finally, clothes with zips or buttons fit me well, but several times I found myself unable to close them with the baby in my arms, because you need both hands. Finally, it was a challenge in a baby carrier, and breastfeeding with a carrying method (sling or baby carrier) is still a significant advantage of breastfeeding, so I wanted to offer a practical solution for these mothers who, like me, have experienced long hours of babywearing-nursing.
jeans - trainers" is the style that suits me best, and a T-shirt with accessories can always be worn with heels, for example, or tucked into a long skirt, etc. The possibilities are endless, and that's why I chose to make the first collection with "simple" breastfeeding tops. But my goal is to be able to expand the range and create garments that look like each one of us.

Eso es la innovación de Gotiteta !

Camiseta de lactancia materna de algodón ecológico

I did my research, I dug deep, I did tests. I was breastfeeding and I was fascinated by this wonderful stage of breastfeeding (and I still am amazed, learning new things everyday)

With the help of my partner, the support of my daughters and a great seamstress who helped us make the prototypes, we have managed to create a unique concept that has become our own brand of breastfeeding clothes.

Finally, for this magical, "kilometre 0", ecological, economical, sustainable and natural food that is breast milk, it seemed fundamental to me to have a production in its image: from the design to the manufacture, including the accessories (boxes, labels, etc.) everything is made in Spain, with ecological fabrics and in small productions.

So, here you'll find super-soft, locally made, eco-friendly post-pregnancy clothes designed by a mum for mums to enjoy those magical moments after giving birth.