How do openings work - concept

Why ?

Aberturas camisetas de lactancia con imanes

When I was breastfeeding my first daughter (although this breastfeeding did not last long) and at the beginning of breastfeeding my second daughter, I often found myself unable to get dressed as I wanted because it was impossible to access the breast, or else I could access it thanks to the side openings, but I could never close these openings.  And yes, with a baby in your arms, it is difficult to close buttons, zips or snaps!  So I created my own nursing tops with one goal in mind: to find the solution to make them close on their own or almost.

Magnets and openings :

Camiseta de lactancia para dar la teta donde sea con aberturas magnéticas  

The magnets are therefore obvious and are special for textiles, which can be sewn, washed, etc.
  Discreet because placed between two layers of fabric they are tight enough not to open when you don't want them to, but when you do want them to, they open very easily.