Radio Teta: La sintonización del pezón y cómo el TwiddleTip puede ayudar tu lactancia

Radio Teta: Nipple Twiddling and How the TwiddleTip can help your breastfeeding journey

Aaahhhh the famous "nipple twiddling" or, as we affectionately call it, "radio teta."

What is Nipple Twiddling?

Nipple twiddling occurs when our little ones, while nursing on one side, tend to touch, twist, or play with the nipple on the other breast. This behavior is normal and serves to stimulate milk production. It's quite common and for the little ones, it has its roots in seeking comfort and the need for sensory stimulation. Although for them it may be an instinctive and comforting act, for us it can become somewhat uncomfortable and sometimes painful.

Why Do They Do It?

  1. Comfort and Security: Just as adults have habits that calm us, babies find comfort in these repetitive movements.
  2. Sensory Stimulation: Babies explore the world through touch. Touching the nipple can be a way of exploring and learning.
  3. Milk Production: This behavior is related to the stimulation of milk production.

What Problems Can It Cause?

  1. Discomfort and Pain: For many moms, nipple twiddling can cause discomfort and even pain.
  2. Skin Irritation: Constant manipulation can irritate the sensitive skin of the nipple.

This is Where the TwiddleTip Comes In

The TwiddleTip is a small accessory specifically designed to help manage this behavior effectively and comfortably. It attaches to your clothing, collar, bra, or anything else, providing a safe and comfortable alternative for your baby to play with instead of your nipple, without causing you discomfort.

Benefits of the TwiddleTip

  1. Immediate Relief: Provides a soft and safe surface for the baby to touch, preventing pain and irritation in the nipple.
  2. Easy to Use: Simply attach it to your clothing and let your baby explore.
  3. Washable and Reusable: Made of safe and durable materials, it is easy to clean and reuse. You can wash it with soap and water, dry it, and it's ready for the next feeding.
  4. Keeps the Baby Entertained: Helps keep the baby focused and calm during breastfeeding.

Tips for Using the TwiddleTip

  1. Involve Your Baby: Let your baby explore it before breastfeeding to get familiar with it.
  2. Be Patient: It may take a little time for your baby to get used to the TwiddleTip, but patience will be worth it.
  3. Keep the TwiddleTip Close: Keep the TwiddleTip close to your body or in your hands before giving it to the baby so it's at your body temperature.

In Summary

Nipple twiddling can be a challenging phase of breastfeeding, but you're not alone. The TwiddleTip can be a fantastic tool to help reduce discomfort and maintain a happy and healthy breastfeeding experience for you and your baby. So next time, remember there are practical and effective solutions available for you!

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