¿Molesta la lactancia o molestan las tetas?

Does breastfeeding bother or bother the boobs?

What bothers is not the content but the container...

It's not the breast milk, it's the boobs

to reflect... to echo my stories today (and again it's the first time in more than a year that I've received a comment like this, so I think it's not so bad and that we're going in the right direction... .)

Why, being "pro-breastfeeding" or not, is there an age that bothers to breastfeed?

Why is a two-month-old child that is breastfed acceptable to society, but a two-year-old child is not?

Why does he have teeth? (in fact "baby teeth" hehe 😇 !!!!)

-Because he speaks and, therefore, is able to explicitly ask that he wants the tit?

-Or because he walks and, therefore, is able to come to us to suckle?

So how long is this acceptable?

Everyone has their limits, everyone has their ideas, okay, but why do we judge and give opinions about things that do not concern us?

In short, the problem is not breast milk... the "problem" is the breast, as Rigoberta Bandini rightly says.

An adult drinking a glass of milk (from a cow, for example) does not shock us = The milk, produced by a mother, comes from her breasts!)

A calf suckling its mother cow doesn't shock either, and we don't even ask ourselves how old the calf is... (and psssssst: the calf walks!!)

A child drinking a glass of milk doesn't bother us either, we don't even wonder what milk is in the glass.

But a small child, who is no longer really considered a baby who drinks from the breast, will upset many people...

So the problem is not the content but the container...

And the sad thing is that many times these opinions/comments/observations come from mothers

Mothers who participate in the sexualization of the tits

As if our breasts, after a few months post partum, were (re)turned into purely sexual objects

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