¿Por qué creé las aperturas magnéticas en la ropa de lactancia Gotiteta?

Why did I created magnetic openings on Gotiteta nursing clothes ?

When I became a mother and started breastfeeding my baby, I encountered a problem that seemed to have no solution: opening and closing nursing clothes easily and conveniently. I was constantly struggling with buttons and closures that required both hands, which was challenging when I had my baby in my arms.

The situation became even more complicated when I tried to open clothing with just one hand, usually holding the garment with my teeth while pulling buttons or closures with the free hand. Not only was this uncomfortable, but it could also damage or wet my clothes.

Additionally, closing the clothing after breastfeeding was equally difficult, and I realized that I needed to find a solution that would simplify this process and make life easier for breastfeeding mothers.

That's how the idea of magnetic openings on Gotiteta nursing clothes was born. After several attempts and prototypes, I finally found the ideal solution: a system that opens and closes easily with a single movement, thanks to the magnets incorporated into the fabric.

With Gotiteta's magnetic openings, breastfeeding mothers can open and close their clothes quickly and easily, without needing to use both hands or compromise on comfort. This innovative design has been created to make the breastfeeding experience more comfortable and practical for all moms.

In summary, I created magnetic openings on Gotiteta nursing clothes because I wanted to offer an innovative and convenient solution for breastfeeding mothers facing challenges when nursing their babies. With Gotiteta, breastfeeding becomes an easier and more enjoyable experience for all moms. Join the breastfeeding revolution with Gotiteta!

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