Ambivalencia de la maternidad

Maternity’s ambivalence

Motherhood is a journey marked by ambivalence. At every step, we navigate between conflicting emotions, seeking to balance overwhelming love with overwhelming exhaustion. It's a continuum of feelings that plunges us into an ocean of contradictions.

Everything seems ambivalent from the moment we become mothers. We yearn for those moments of tranquility when our children are awake, but as soon as they sleep, we long for their presence to enjoy their company. The days seem endless, and we're tired, but the years fly by and we wish for more time.

Our children have the gift of evoking opposing feelings in us. We experience indescribable joy watching them grow and develop, but we also face frustration and anger when they push our limits. Motherhood is a constant dance between bliss and despair.

Breastfeeding also encapsulates this ambivalence. It's an act of deep love and connection, but it can also be physically and emotionally draining. There comes a time when we long for the end of this stage, but when it arrives, we're overcome with profound sadness.

At Gotiteta, we don't claim to erase this ambivalence, I experience it myself every day, but we can make the breastfeeding journey a little easier with our innovative and comfortable products. Explore our collection here.

Ambivalence is an intrinsic part of the motherhood experience. We accept that not everything will be perfect, that there will be moments of joy and moments of challenge. It's in embracing this duality that we find the true beauty and complexity of motherhood.

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